Welcome to Amazing Animal Accessories

We are a family run online pet store .
Where to begin? It all started so long ago!

The business was started when Neil (who is sadly no longer with us), and his sister Lisa spotted an opportunity to launch a website supplying pet products in the late 90’s.

 It proved to be quite popular, with orders coming in from all over the world – I remember we had a customer in Brazil who used to buy poultry tonic regularly!

Neil decided his garden shed would be an ideal storeroom/packing room, and due to most items being multi-packs there was always some excess stock after orders were packed and shipped.

Soon a second shed was built, and then a third, all full of pet products – toys, chews, bowls, wormers, flea treatments etc…  more space was required.

An outbuilding on a local farm was available to rent so the business was relocated. In the summer it was a lovely place to be but oh so cold in the winters.

The last winter we spent there was so bad that the water was frozen in the kettle and pipes, and the gas for the fire was frozen in its bottle!

Neil had been thinking for some time that with all the excess stock that had built up over the years, opening a shop would be an ideal way to develop the business, and that horrible cold day finally pushed him to it I think…

A few premises were looked at before the Holderness Road shop was found and chosen as our new home. That was in 2011.

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