Arcadia EarthMix Bio-Active Substrate

Arcadia EarthMix Bio-Active Substrate.

 Is a fine subrate that does not clump, it is completely organic and Bio-Active ready.


Arcadia EarthMix Bio-Active Substrate

The substrate is fine and does not clump, completely organic and Bio-Active ready.

The Earthmix can be used in all types of enclosures and can be used as a dry substrate for arid species.

The Earthmix substrate is a potent organic mix and is made in the UK to the highest standards by experts and of course if completely safe to be used with animals.

The substrate is pre-loaded with organic matter including Worm Manure to ensure fantastic plant growth and create a support to bio-active custodians.

The volcanic particles ensure you will have fantastic drainage in your set up and will provide essential minerals for plants and of course the animal.

Earthmix is a guaranteed potent and attractive natural and organic substrate.

The very fine particles means it doesn’t clump easily, and as its organic, its loaded with full spectrum minerals, making it bio-active ready. It contains manure and volcanic particles, which aids in drainage, and helps to supply essential minerals.


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