Psittacus Omega 3kg

Psittacus Omega 3kg can be also offered exclusively or comple-mentary to adult individuals of different species

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Psittacus Omega 800g

This product is intended for young birds (up to one year of age) of medium and large species.

It can be also offered exclusively or complementary to adult individuals of different species.

In this sense, it can be offered ad libitum to genera AraPsittacus and Poicephalus.

On the other hand, it is recommended to offer it in a restricted and complementary way to species that tend to gain weight, such as the genera AmazonaCacatuaPsittacula or Eclectus.

In the case of Eclectus, this food must be supplemented with plenty of sweet fruit.

Due to its great palatability, this formula is an ideal tool to do the transition from seeds to formulated diets in individuals that con-sume seeds exclusively.

The daily intake ranges between 5 % and 8 % of the animals body weight.

Medium-sized species (for example the African grey parrot) consume between 25 and 40 g.

Ambient temperature greatly influences consumption rate.

  • Great diet for young species
  • Medium to large species of exotic bird
  • For parrots up to 1 year old
  • Ideal for transitioning from seeds to formula
  • 23.5% protein. 14.5% oils and fats
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