Good Boy 125g Puppy Milk Drops

Puppy Milk Drops are Totally Chocolatey, Totally Dog Safe…

What better way to satisfy your dogs’ sweet tooth than with Good Boy’s delicious Dog Safe Choc? To answer your question simply, there isn’t one.

Whether they’re looking for rewards for good behaviour, a birthday or Easter treat or simply an indulgent treat, our Choc Drops are a firm favourite with all dogs.


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Puppy Milk Drops

are a super-duper tasty milk drop reward for your puppy when they’ve been on their best behaviour! I’m made from Good Boy’s dog safe milk choc, making me the perfect treat for your pup at home or whilst out and about.

I’m formed from an extra special chocolate substitute which is suitable for dogs meaning they don’t have to miss out on the indulgent choccy fun. Just don’t forget that I’m not suitable for puppies under the age of 3 months – but I am made in the UK!

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